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Sylvan Arms

Sylvan Arms

SKU: 2aa

Specifically designed for gas piston and direct impingement systems 5.56 to .308 systems, as well as .223 compatible, it has standard 1-3/16” x 16 thread and does not require any additional parts to be used with standard BC Groups.

It is CNC-machined in the USA from 7075 Billet Aluminum, making it uniquely lightweight and corrosion resistant. This assembly weighs only 6.0 ounces. No special tools required; only a standard armorer’s wrench. The product does not need to be disassembled in order to install it on to your rifle/pistol.

Simply screw on, fold, and carry!


• Fit: platforms .223/5.56 to .308 & most 9mm:

– 9mm bolt carriers with 5/8 ID (.625) standard sizing can use the bolt extension included, after removing the pin and weight from the bolt carrier

– 17/32 .531 bolt extension for smaller bolt carriers is available here

– If your PSA bolt carrier is causing the bolt extension to come up short contact us for a conversion.

-Does NOT work with Silent Capture Buffer Springs.

-Does NOT work with JP Enterprise Buffer Systems.

-Adds nothing to length of pull.

• Surface treatment: hard coat black anodized

• Material: 7075 CNC-machined billet Aluminum

• Thread specifications: 1-3/16″ X 16

• Hinge dimensions: 3 11/16 inches

• Hinge weight: 6.0 oz, BC – Extension 2.2 oz

• Hinge length: 1.3 inches

• Warranty: limited lifetime

Designed, built, and assembled in the USA